Whiskey Decanter Sets That Are Home Bar Essentials and Make Tasteful Gifts

A whiskey decanter set is a must have for your home bar. Not only does it add a touch of class, but also, as any liquor connoisseur will tell you, pouring your sundowner out of anything but a crystal decanter is just unacceptable!

And of course, a great whiskey or bourbon decanter always makes for a great gift. It speaks volumes about your own taste in the finer things in life.

Which is why we’ve curated four of the best whiskey decanters out there that will also not burn a big fat hole in your wallet.

Here goes.

1. Classic Whiskey Decanter Set With Glass Stopper and Four Glasses

This one is your classic, timeless whiskey and bourbon decanter that everyone will just want to get their hands on. Round, smooth surface, with round, smooth glasses.

Stores 31 fluid ounces and is great for storing whiskey, bourbon, vodka, and wine.

Get it here

2. Square Whiskey Decanter With Etched Patterns

This one’s for you if you want something that’s a little more edgy than smooth round glass. With square edges and a square stopper, this one has crenelated patterns etched at the button and on the neck to give the stored liquor that smoky appearance.

Note that this is a whiskey decanter only and does not come with glasses.

Get it here

3. Bull Shaped Whiskey Decanter

Bored of classic shapes? Try this one that comes in the shape of a raging bull. Great for those who like to have some raw animal energy radiate from their home bar.

Storage capacity is 1000 ml.

Again, whiskey decanter only without glasses.

Get it here

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