Coffee Gnome Set to Bring Smiles, Joy, and Goodluck to Your Coffee Bar

Ever heard of coffee gnomes? Well, now you have.

In case you didn’t know what gnomes are for, well gnomes are these good-hearted creatures who guard treasures and lead all humans who are pure of heat to these treasures.

Needless to say, who doesn’t need more gnomes in their lives. Heck, the world needs more gnomes to make it a better place.

These cute coffee gnomes are a great addition to your coffee bar or coffee table or wherever it is that you’ve got your coffee set up. Heck, you can even keep them at your office coffee machine. Not only will they make you smile every time you look at them with your cuppa in your hand, they also bring good luck, like all gnomes do.

This coffee gnome set consists of a pair of cute gnomes with 3D coffee beans and coffee mugs on their hats. They’re soft, adorable, and non-toxic.

Get it here

Get it here

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